4 Simple Tips for Parents to Help Make Your Mornings Easier

For some people, waking up in the morning for a shower and a cup of coffee is the best part of the day. If you are a parent, however, you might find that your mornings, especially weekday mornings, are full of stress and chaos. Luckily, making a few changes can help make your mornings a whole lot easier. It may be hard to adjust your routine but in the end a few adjustments may make your mornings much easier. Below are a few tips I try to follow to make sure I make the most of my time and keep my weekday mornings as stress free as possible. I hope these 4 simple tips are helpful to you!
stressed out mother with baby

1. Get the Whole Family to Bed Earlier
Getting up in the morning is always harder when you have not had enough sleep, and the same is true for your kids. Establishing a regular bedtime — both for your kids and for yourself — can be tough to get used to at first, but it can help ensure that everyone in the household is getting enough sleep. Not only can this make mornings easier, but it can be better for you and your kids’ overall mood and health, too.

2. Do What You Can the Night Before
Anything that you do at nighttime is something that you do not have to do in the morning. It pays off to take a little bit of time each evening to pick out and lay out everyone’s outfits for the next day, to pack lunches and to gather up backpacks, keys, and other belongings and put them in an easy-to-find spot near the back door. Then you can help prevent the whole ordeal of finding lost socks or keys in the morning, and you don’t have to worry about rushing through making lunch when you’re running behind schedule.

3. Wake Up Before the Kids
If at all possible, consider setting your own alarm for 30 minutes or so before your kids need to get up. It can be relaxing to have a few child-free moments in the morning to get ready, gather your thoughts and perhaps enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Plus, if you have anything that you need to get done for the day, it can be easier to tackle it before the kids are awake. You also won’t have to worry about wrangling your kids when your eyes are barely open.

4. Create a Routine
Routines are always easier, especially when you are a parent. If you have a morning routine that is followed each and every day, your kids will know what to expect, and you will be able to get more done in a shorter period of time. With younger kids, you can act out the morning routine with one another or with stuffed animals so that they know what to do when they wake up. With older kids, writing down the routine like a checklist can be helpful. Avoid breaking the routine unless necessary if you want to stay organized and on track on busy mornings.

Mornings can be hard for anyone, but they can be especially tough for parents. If you are a parent who is looking to make your mornings a little bit easier, consider following these few simple tips above. If you do, you just might find that weekday mornings are a whole lot easier than you thought. 🙂