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Tips on How to Choose the Best Stroller for Your Baby

Below are some simple tips to help you select the best stroller for your baby or toddler as well as information about different types of strollers you may want to compare. Remember that babies will not spend forever in their strollers (they grow up fast!) and so enjoy this short window of time by buying a stroller that is safe, easy to use and store, and that is within your personal budget, so that you can enjoy this precious time without fighting with a stroller you hate. Use these helpful tips when comparing strollers and you should find the best stroller for you and your baby with ease.

1. What Type of Stroller is Best For You?
The first step in choosing a baby stroller is figuring out what type of stroller suits you and your family’s life style best. Here are some examples of different types of strollers you may want to consider…

    Traditional Strollers: Obviously the most commonly purchased strollers are the traditional, or traditionally designed lightweight styles, that most people are used to using. Some key things to look for are solid construction, good wheels (avoid plastic wheels), and many parents enjoy a reversible seat so that they can see their baby while strolling or lay it flat to allow the baby to nap. Overall the traditional stroller is usually going to be the best choice for many parents.

    Travel Systems: Typically a travel system includes a removable infant car seat that can be removed from the car seat base and easily snaps directly into the stroller. These can be very handy but many of the travel systems that we looked at where not of the best quality. All things considered though the travel system car seat stroller combo’s do have their value due to the ease of use and ability to move your baby from car to stroller without disturbing them when sleeping.

    Joggers or Jogging Strollers: If you are a runner then you will love owning a jogging stroller so that you can run with your baby. There are two common types of jogger strollers, the type with a swivel from wheel and ones with a stationary front wheel. From our research it seems that the stationary wheel stroller is a little less maneuverable but they are less likely to bump and flip when you are jogging at a fast pace. You should also look for a stroller with a hand break so you can easily stop without jerking back on the stroller and jogging strollers should not generally be used due to safety concerns until your baby is over 6 months and can sit up on its own. Check with the manufacturer for specific weight and safety guidelines before running with your baby.
    Dual or Double Strollers: Having twins or have 2 stroller sized kids? Consider a dual or double stroller so you can push both your babies at once in one stroller. There are many styles of double strollers available from traditional all the way to jogging strollers.

    Umbrella Strollers: These types of strollers are a good pick for older babies and toddlers but since they have less seat support and stroller structure they should not be used with newborns or young babies. Once your baby is strong enough to sit unassisted though they are a great option.

2. Stroller Maneuverability
One of the most important features to look for when shopping for a stroller is how well does the stroller move around? Have you ever had the grocery shopping cart with the messed up wheel that makes you crazy as you push it through the store? You do not want that hassle in a stroller and so make sure that the stroller you choose is easy to maneuver around with ease. Give it a walk around the store and make some turns and give it a test. If you can, load it up with your purse and other items and try to match the weight of a baby to get a true feel for how well the stroller moves.

3. Is the Stroller Easy to Open, Close, and Will It Fit in Your Car?
Another thing to consider is how easy does the stroller open and close? Can you collapse it and reopen it with one hand easily or is it hard to open? Just think about your baby in one arm and trying to open and close the stroller and be sure that it is a stroller that you feel comfortable with. Also make sure it will fit in your car! Most stroller will fit in a trunk with no problem but if you have a smaller car or are buying a non collapsible stroller then make sure you can get it into your car without a fight.

4. Stroller Weight and Size
You should also take into account the weight and overall size of the stroller. Pick it up like you were going to put it into your trunk and be sure that it is not to heavy or large for you to easily handle. Many stroller can actually be fairly heavy and so shopping around for a lightweight stroller is a good idea.

5. Stroller Accessories
First and foremost consider what accessories you might actually use. Cup holders, trays and under carriage storage is often handy but is not always necessary depending on your needs. For every accessory you add to the stroller, the more it will weigh, so take that into account and try to choose a stroller that has the features you need but not a ton of extra bells and whistles that you may never use. That said, there are certainly accessories that can help make the mom and dad’s life easier such as a cup holder and nice sized storage area. You of course also want your baby to be cool and comfortable and so a cushy seat, snack tray, and a large canopy is typically a must have for most parents.

6. Stick to Your Budget
Shop around and find the best price. Shopping online can be a great way to find the lowest prices and right here on BabyGenie is a great place to start of course. 🙂

7. Stroller Safety
Last, but certainly not least, is stroller safety. Remember that your cargo is precious and so you want a stroller that meets all safety standards. Check out the manufacturer’s safety record and ensure the model you want does not have a recall and that the company does not have a history of recalls or other safety issues. One good resource for checking for recall information and other safety issues online is

We hope these stroller buying tips have been helpful in your search for the best stroller for you baby. Good luck and happy strolling!