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Use our free app or online website tools below for everything from predicting your ovulation periods and best time to get pregnant, to finding baby name ideas with our first name and middle name Baby Name Generator, all the way to our free Baby Gift Registry Genie (it’s like Pinterest but for managing your baby gift registries!) and much more!

Download the Baby Genie App and Use All of Our Tools and Features from Your Mobile Phone or Tablet!

Baby Genie All-In-One Pregnancy App Features

    Just some of the Free Pregnancy Tools and Features included in the Baby Genie All in One Pregnancy App are…

  • 40,000+ Baby Names with Origin and Meanings
  • First and Middle Baby Name Generator
  • Weekly Pregnancy Calendar
  • Ovulation Calculator
  • Baby Due Date Predictor
  • Pregnancy Bra Size Calculator
  • Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator
  • Child Height Estimator
  • Fetal Movement Tracker
  • Contraction Timer
  • Baby Gender Reveal Announcements
  • Gift Registry Genie
  • Free Baby Games
  • and Much More All In One App!

    On top of all of our existing pregnancy tools above we have recently expanded our app to include even more great tools and features including…

    • Create Your Own Custom Baby Gender Reveal Announcements
    • Pregnancy Bra Size Calculator
    • Super Mom! Save the Baby Bubble Pop Game
    • and More! All 100% Free and Ad Free!

    100% Free! Available at the App Store & Google Play!

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    …or use our website based tools below.

    Create a custom baby gift registry page and add ANY store you want, even local stores. Then simply share your custom baby registry with your friends and family so they can shop for you and your baby at all of you gift registry locations online, all in one place!

    Are you trying to get pregnant and trying to find your most fertile time to try to conceive? Use the Baby Genie 100% FREE Ovulation Calculator and Ovulation Predictor tool to help get a prediction of your ovulation cycles instantly online for free. The free calculator will help you to estimate the best days in the month to try to get pregnant.

    Are you pregnant but not sure when your baby is due? Use the Baby Genie Due Date Calculator to predict your due date online for free as well as a week by week pregnancy calendar showing you each stage of development that your baby is in by week.

    Wondering how much weight you may gain during your pregnancy? Give our Baby Genie Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator to get an estimate of how much weight you may gain during your pregnancy and see average weight gains and more information about weight goals many pregnant women strive for during their pregnancy. See how much you might weigh by the end of your pregnancy for free online now.

    Are you on the search for that perfect name for you baby? Use our free online Baby Genie Baby Name Generator to quickly generate thousands of different first names and middle names for boys and girls. Even include your last name so you can see the full name when you generate each baby first name and middle name. Start searching now and view as many combinations of both girl and boy baby names as you want and find the perfect baby name for your child today!

    Are you curious how often your baby is moving? Now you can use the free Baby Genie fetal movement tracker to time each movements length and how long of a time span is between each movement easily online. Just hit start and stop with each movement to easily track your baby movements as much as you like and save the simple chart to refer to as needed or record your baby’s movements every day.

    Are you ready to give birth? Is the due date finally here? Use our contraction timer to time the duration of each contraction to see when you may should head out to the hospital or your choice of birthing locations. Easily click start and stop to keep track of each contractions starting and ending time. The contraction timer will automatically calculate and display the total length of each contraction and the intervals of time between each contractions so that you or your partner can easily monitor your contractions online with the click of a button.

    Are you wondering how tall your daughter or son may be when they grow up? The Baby Genie Child Height Predictor can help you estimate that! While every child’s growth is different this online calculator lets you enter the mother’s and father’s height and the Baby Genie will predict how tall your child will be based on those averages. Give it a try and let us know if Baby Genie guesses right.

    More Baby Genie Free Tools, Special Deals, and Resources Coming Soon!

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