Cloth Diapers VS Disposable Diapers – The Return of the Cloth Diaper

Before disposable diapers were a mainstream item, cloth diapers were the standard. This was done out of necessity, and most were handmade by the mother or other members of the family. With the disposable diaper becoming the standard, the cloth diaper seemed to be relegated to obscurity. In the last few years this trend has begun to reverse itself. Cloth diapers are once again becoming popular among new mothers for a wide variety of reasons.
cloth diapers

One of these reasons is the green movement. People are becoming more environmentally conscious and the idea of throwing a one time use diaper into a landfill where it will not decay for many years bothers them. They would rather find a way to diaper their child without causing harm to the environment in which their child will have to live.

Another is the growing number of people who are attracted to the idea of frugal living, and desire to save money. While a cloth diaper does cost more than a disposable diaper initially, the cost is more than made up over the couple of years from birth to toilet training. The sole reason for this cost benefit is that the cloth diapers are reusable multiple times. The savings are magnified if the mother had more than one child, as the diapers can be reused on the next child. New mothers do not even have to buy cloth diapers in some cases. Patterns are available to make their own from old clothing, and in some cases friends of the family may have used cloth diapers with their children, and now that the children are toilet trained they are willing to pass on the cloth diapers for a low cost or even free.

Some people just choose to not be mainstream, and want to do things different from the crowd just to be different. Cloth diapers will appeal to this crowd, as most people still use the standard disposable diaper for their young children. Also if family members are into sewing and embroidery, they can create custom diapers with the child’s favorite things such as having their favorite animal or cartoon character on the diaper.

Health reasons are often cited by parents who choose to use cloth diapers for their children. Many chemicals are used in the production of disposable diapers, and some parents prefer to keep these chemicals away from the bodies of their children. A cloth diaper is simply made of cloth, a material that everyone touches every day of their lives from birth to death so cloth diapers are typically the best choice for those concerned with non natural diapers and materials.

Going down the path of cloth diapers is not quite as easy as disposable diapers, as there are some things other than the diapers that you will need. First off, you will need a supply of cloth diapers big enough to last between the times that you do laundry. Second, if you choose to use cloth wipes you will need a supply to last the same amount of time. You will also need some form of storage system for the used diapers and wipes that will contain the smell until laundry time. With some cloth diapers, smells can become trapped in the fabric and the diaper will smell even when clean. A washing plan needs to be in place to deal with this situation before it happens. One of the primary causes of smelly cloth diapers is hard water. The material of the diapers picks up the minerals from hard water during the wash cycles, and the minerals prevent your detergent from achieving the cleaning power that they are otherwise capable of. Before you make the decision to use cloth diapers, it is recommended that you have your water tested, and if you have hard water you have several options available to you. One option is to install a water filter that is designed to treat hard water in the line leading to your laundry room, the other is to install a water softener in your home. These two options can be a great help in dealing with smelly cloth diapers.

Cloth diaper users are an ever growing segment of the population, and it has even reached to point that cloth diapers are sold in some stores, when even a few years ago they were hard to find. This segment of the population is expected to continue to grow in the future. In the end, every family should examine the pros and cons of cloth diapers before making the decision on which path is right for them and their children.

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